Data processing notice.

Last modified May 25, 2018

Purpose of Data Collected
Brandsight collects WHOIS contact information from our clients. The data collected includes registrant, administrative, and technical contact details as required by ICANN for the purposes or registering, managing and transferring gTLDs (generic top-level domains). Data collected may also be provided to complainants in UDRP and URS filings.

Intended Recipients
As required by ICANN, the WHOIS contact information Brandsight collects is provided to registry operators, data escrow providers and ICANN. Personal data may be made available to third-parties who have submitted requests to nonpublicwhois(at) upon request after a thorough review in cases of suspected fraud or infringement. Additionally, WHOIS contact data will be provided to law enforcement upon request. Subpoenaed WHOIS contact information will also be made available.

Required and Obligatory Data
As required by ICANN, the data collected must include registrant, administrative and technical contact information which includes full contact name, mailing address, email address and phone number.

Accessing and Updating WHOIS Contact Information
Brandsight clients can view, update or delete their WHOIS contact information by logging into the Brandsight Platform.

Brandsight Contact Details
Brandsight’s physical address is 18 Division Street, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866. Brandsight clients can email Brandsight at contact(at) or call +1 518-831-5149 with any questions or requests regarding their WHOIS contact data. Brandsight clients can also contact their dedicated Client Success Manager.

Brandsight Data Protection Officer
The Brandsight Data Protection Officer can be reached at dpo(at)

Transfer of Data to a Third Country
As necessary and required by ICANN for gTLDs, Brandsight will provide WHOIS contact information to registries which may reside in other countries. For questions about how this data is handled, please contact the Brandsight Data Protection Officer at dpo(at)

Length of Time Data Stored
Brandsight maintains copies of WHOIS contact details for the duration of our sponsorship of the registration plus two years.

Ability to Request Access, Rectification or Erasure of Personal Data
Brandsight clients have the ability to access, update or delete personal data by logging into the Brandsight platform. They can also make requests by contacting their dedicated Client Success Manager or contacting the Brandsight Data Protection Officer at dpo(at)

Consent for Processing
Brandsight will publish Organization, State/Province and Country as required by ICANN. Brandsight clients have the ability to publish and delete full WHOIS information at any time by logging into the Brandsight platform.

Filing a Complaint Against Brandsight
Registered Name Holders or data subjects have the right to lodge a complaint regarding the manner in which personally identifiable information is handled with a relevant supervisory authority.

Requirements for WHOIS Contact Data Collection
Per ICANN requirements, the collection of WHOIS contact data is contractually required for the registration, management and transfer of domains.