Oct 17, 2017 - by Elisa Cooper

Survey of Corporate Domain Name Managers Reveals Interesting Statistics

This summer, Brandsight conducted a short 5-question, anonymous survey to collect feedback from those responsible for managing corporate domain name portfolios.

Of those we surveyed, 83% had more than 1500 domains - some with portfolios larger than 10,000 domains. Interestingly, nearly half reported that they were spending a day or less a week managing their domains, while the other half stated that they were spending 4-5 days a week managing their domain name portfolios. No one responded that they were spending 2-3 day per week managing their portfolios.

Of those that responded to the survey, 41% use MarkMonitor, 33% use CSC and 16% use Com Laude.

54% of respondents stated that they were extremely satisfied with onboarding, and service and support. 36% stated that they were also extremely satisfied with the education and advocacy that they were receiving. However, only 27% were somewhat satisfied with the technology, and another 27% reported being somewhat dissatisfied with technology.

The vast majority reported that their current system could be improved by providing automated reporting, analytics and insights, and access to key performance indicators.

To request a copy of the full, anonymized results, please contact marketing@brandsight.com.

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    Bringing with her 20 years of marketing experience, Elisa Cooper joined Brandsight in 2017 to lead the organization’s marketing strategy and execution. A domain name industry veteran, Elisa has worked closely with many Fortune 1000 companies in assisting with domain and brand protection policy development and has spoken and written extensively on these topics.

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