Brandsight services.

Brandsight domain name services.

Brandsight provides a comprehensive suite of domain name recovery, sales and acquisition services. Leveraging our in-depth industry experience and partnering with the best providers, Brandsight is committed to meeting the needs of domain name professionals. Our suite of services includes:

Brandsight domain name recovery.

In cases of clear-cut domain name infringement, recover domains leveraging UDRP (Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy), URS (Uniform Rapid Suspension) and ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) services. Partnering with a network of leading providers, Brandsight offers fixed-fee services. The UDRP is available for new and legacy gTLDs, the URS is available for new gTLDs only, and the ADR is available for .MX, .CA and others.

Brandsight domain name sales.

Consider divesting unused, valuable domain name assets with Brandsight. With 10+ years of domain name sales experience, our team has brokered some of the industry’s largest, most lucrative deals. Brandsight offers no-cost, no-obligation domain name valuations. Our team will selectively market your non-branded, high-value domains to qualified buyers to get you the best price possible.

Brandsight domain name acquisition.

In support of new brands, marketing campaigns and product launches, acquire currently registered domain names with Brandsight Domain Name Acquisition Services. Trust the Brandsight team to provide domain name valuation based on current comps, anonymously negotiate the best price possible, manage the entire escrow process, and ensure the smooth transfer of domain name ownership.

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